Sunday, February 1, 2009

Liens and Lawyers

I'm remembering the first time some one refused to pay for services rendered. Business seemed to be cooking along and I had a pretty good size job going. I think we had finished installing all new windows in the house and the plasterer was finishing up. I thought we were progressing well but after presenting the owner, a lawyer, with a bill for the current work I was greeted by; I am not going to pay you and get off my job. That was a shock and the bill was substantial. We packed up our stuff and I tried to figure out what to do next. I should have been able to stop the job from going forward but the city rolled his permit over to an owner/builder and let him move on. Next move was to put a lien on the house, that will force him to pay. Liens are good for one year, you then need to go to court or let it go ( I think you can renew it but didn't know it then). I am not letting this go, so I hire a lawyer to jump in the fray. Of course, I have to pay him a retainer and if we win the owner pays up and if we lose, I pay some more. The lawyers banter back and forth and its time to either take our chance in court or accept their final offer of half of what is owed. I take the offer and after paying the lawyer receive about a quarter of what is owed. How is a loss still a victory? When the Lord is in control. You see at the initial "firing" I had made enough money to cover the outstanding expenses without any serious loss. Secondly, as I was searching for wisdom on whether or not to go to court his word spoke to me in my morning devotion and He basically said; don't sue a brother and leave the rest up to me, and I did!

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  1. Man! You're more merciful than I am! :D But, I guess that means that you get to see the fruit of obedience more than I do! I love when the Lord's will is made certain in our hearts... and when we respond correctly... oh how sweet that is... even if the world would consider us the loser... we can smile, because we have the most amazing secret of all... "the last shall be first"...


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