Sunday, February 1, 2009


Wow! I just love reading all of these stories...what a wonderful idea, Dad!

hmmmm... years ago I read about an idea that Karen and David Mains shared about something their family did called a God Hunt. They wrote a book about seeing God at work in our everyday lives by that same title....God Hunt. The Lord recently brought that idea back to my mind and gave me the desire to journal my own God hunt. In fact it is on my list of things I want to do this year!

And then I found an email in my inbox inviting me to share here!

Imagine that!

Yes, Leah, you are right; there really is a God who is at work in the tiniest details of our lives. And this Mama needs to be encouraged to remember that, so thank you all for sharing your own God hunt stores with me.

I am blessed!


  1. This was posted by Debi using John's account, naughty, naughty.

  2. uh oh...I forgot I was on your account ;)

  3. Yeah, I was slightly confused at first ;)
    Great background, etc btw!


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