Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not enough money

Let me lead with a couple of entries concerning money, or the lack of it, I should say. I know we were new Christians and I was reconciling my check book after tax season. I was shocked to find that I had made a $750 error, not on the plus side either. I had just started my business and dollars were precious, I did not have that money and was not sure what to do. The money showed up in the form of a tax refund check pretty much to the penny. Surely this was no coincidence. There have been other checkbook errors (need to fire the calculator), but those were answered by digging deeper into the back pocket.

It was also about this time we had a small baby in our lives. Debi was working, I was self employed and we began to feel the need for health insurance. We could purchase it through Deb's work but it was not cheap (never is!). Let's see how it fits in the budget: mortgage payment, car payment, car insurance, child care, food, electric, water. Nope, no room in this budget. This one we did on Faith. I remember praying that would supply this need, somehow! We paid that bill for many years and I still do not know how God stretched those dollars for us. He provided the work and balanced the budget.

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