Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Mommy Friends"

:::tap, tap, tap::: Is it working? Wow!

:::clears throat::: Well, hello world! I've finally broken into the blogosphere. So this is what it feels like, eh... :)

I'm so excited to get to share how I see the Lord at work in my life and the world around me. He's so amazing! And when I pause and look around I see Him everywhere. After all, that's what we're here for. This creation of His was created to reflect Him and give Him glory.

In the last while I've really been longing for what I've been calling "Mommy friends." You know, other ladies my age who are moms that I could just hang out with and talk to and swap stories of life with, that sort of thing. I guess because I live so far away from the other ladies at church I didn't really think it was going to happen. "Ah well," I sighed, "poor me...too bad. God, do You think You could give me a friend?!"

Well, as I began to think and pray about it, the most obvious thing in the world struck me (isn't it silly how we can overlook the obvious?) :::insert drumroll::: I could meet some of my friends halfway at a park! Such an amazing thought, I know. ;) But it just became this deep desire to pull something together for the young moms I know.

And here's the cool part because it just has the Lord all over it... I was going to mention it to one of my friends just to see if she would be interested, and before I even got the chance she said to me, "we should hang out together soon." I was so excited to hear those words because it was total confirmation. So I jumped on the computer and emailed my other friend I had been thinking about. Lord is good! She had had the same idea, and was trying to think of a way to get the same thing going. She too was feeling the need to get together with other moms to talk and pray together. Can you see the Lord's hand in this?? He placed the same desire on each one of our hearts at the same time!

This may seem small, but it's huge to me! I'm so excited to see what He wants to do with our little group. It will be such a huge blessing to get to spend time with other moms who truly love the Lord. I know the boys will enjoy having little friends to play with (even if they are all girls). And the Lord is in the process of blessing me with the gift of "mommy friends." He is good.

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