Monday, January 26, 2009

God and Kool-Aid

What do God and Kool-Aid have in common, you ask? Ah... God makes me laugh because He is so involved in our lives.

I don't normally buy Kool-Aid. It's certainly not something we drink regularly. And I'm glad that my children are, for now, blissfully unaware of the stuff!

Anyhow! A few months back I had some coupons that were "buy 3 Kraft products and get xyz free." The free things were like crackers and hot dogs and salad dressing and things like that. Someone posted on my coupon forum that the packets of Kool-Aid were acceptable (and legal) to purchase to qualify for the free item. Hurray! So I stocked up on the cheap Kool-Aid in order to get the free stuff that we use all of the time. I did at least buy mostly lemonade Kool-Aid because you can run it through your dishwasher to clean it.

As I was studying my lesson that I'm teaching Wednesday night, what should they ask for but a "packet of unsweetened drink mix" aka: Kool-Aid! I just had to laugh because I have a whole bunch of packets up in my cabinet.

I love it that the Lord provided for me and my family's needs with great coupons and cheap Kool-Aid and now I get to use the Kool-Aid to help the children understand more about Him.

So how does Kool-Aid demonstrate God?? Why, the Trinity, of course! Water + Kool-Aid + Sugar = a Drink! Three, yet one. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit = God. Three, yet one.

What a laughable experience of God's provision in even the little things. :)

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  1. Aaaaaaaaahhh grasshopper you learned the 3 in 1 principle verrry well


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