Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flying Tire Iron

The facts remain but the exact details are cloudy. We were heading down to an air show in Opa-Locka as someone had given us free tickets. I think I had two of the girls with me and they were very young. We were riding in my truck and the show was at a small airport about forty five minutes from home. It was a great show mainly because we stood directly on the tarmac while the planes flew right above us. We spent most of the time with our hands over our ears, it was LOUD! For some reason there were a few too many highway deaths caused by loose stuff falling off vehicles. I had read about one incident where a tire had come off a bus and flew over the median into the other lanes. While we were traveling down the interstate we ended up behind an empty car carrier trailer in the left lane. I noticed something rattling around on the back and it soon ended up falling off in front of us. It looked like some sort of tire iron and it bounced a few times and sailed over the top of the truck landing three lanes over on the side of the road instead of coming through the windshield. I know the hand of the Lord deflected that object and protected us from serious harm.

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  1. I totally remember that! Now that you mention it, I do remember the air show - vaguely. But I kind of remember your reaction when the thing came flying our way. At the time I didn't know what a danger it posed, but when it was explained to me later, I remember feeling extremely grateful that the Lord had protected us.


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