Monday, October 31, 2016

Blown Away

     Just thought I would make some ( at least one) spiritual parallels about Hurricane Matthew.
     Lets start with his name which means " the gift of God".  Now I am not sure how hurricanes can be a gift but any storm that threatens and stays away is a "gift" for me.  As far as I could tell, early Thursday morning we were going to get whacked.
     Then there's the "hand of God", but in this case I would say "arm".  At the last minute the storm "wiggled" and pushed out to sea about 20 miles, enough to miss us.  This I call an answer to prayer, even though hurricane damage produces a lot of work, it is not the kind of work I particularly enjoy.
     And then there is the "letdown", all the work and preparation and nothing happened.   For this I am GRATEFUL.  We think we are ready, but when the storm comes something usually breaks down.  The Lord says: be prepared, do the things you know you have to do, step into the water, beat your clay pots, get thrown into the lions den, face the fiery furnace, put others before yourself, toss your net on the other side and let the Lord do the rest
     Grace and Peace to those who were hit, hopefully there is a different kind of blessing for them

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