Saturday, March 28, 2009


Things that I love about home-
*Running out to meet dad in his truck when he gets home from work.
*Mom having dinner ready every night.
*Dad turning the light on in our bedroom every morning, monday through friday, at 0630 to have family Biblestudy...thundering Cadillacs and all :)
*Sharing a room with Leah
*Setting up play-mobile houses with blocks and taking turns choosing our people
*Holding Chloe
*Trying to trick dad with the generic always knew it was generic
*Mom reading a book aloud to us during "couch time"
*Going on long walks with Mom, Leah, and Jenna while the soup we put together stewed
*Jumping on our trampaline, feeling the wind flow through my hair and the exhilliration when I landed a flip
*Helping mom organize her clothes and pot&pans
*Climbing the oak tree in the front yard
*Swinging from our old oak tree
*Walking to Grandma and Grandpa's for a visit, cookie, and movie
*Hearing the cruise ships horn down at the port

Mom and Dad,
 Thank you for making our home full of so many wonderful memories!!!!

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